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DesignAir is a tablet app that gamifies the discovery process of design for 13 to 17-year-old students by turning it into an RPG, with a focus on teaching human-centered design for accessibility and community engagement. 

After choosing a nickname and character, users gain access to design-based mini-games, weekly challenges, and feedback from the community. Students can chat with real-life mentors and use the geocaching function to obtain practical experience by designing for local clients. DesignAir strives to emphasize the philosophy that design is inherently human and compassionate: that design thinking heavily revolves around developing an understanding of the people that products and services are designed for.

It was created over the course of a single week for the Adobe + Amazon Design Creative Jam. I worked with teammates Carly Chan and Sejun Park to wireframe, design, and brand a fully-functioning prototype—it was our first time exploring UI/UX design, and we had so much fun!


In the end, after presenting our project to a panel of judges and 2000 audience members, we placed 5th out of 600+ participating teams. Thank you to Adobe for this opportunity!

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Adobe XD and Illustrator.